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Curiosity, knowledge, construction, sharing. These were the main starters for the creation of CMFonseca. 


Founded in 1997, CMFonseca arises from the desire of its founder Manuela da Costa Fonseca, to broaden horizons, explore her desire to contact, communicate, share and build. 


“Seeing things done by real people.”


- She says. And, with extensive experience in agency and procurement for the most varied type of products (from food products to agricultural machinery), it was relatively easy to make a decision to create the company.

Internationalizing what is best done in Portugal, making our clients' projects and ideas real, has always been - and has been - the main objective of the company's activity.

Despite having developed a strong link and presence in the world of utilitarian ceramics “Made in Portugal” over these 23 years of history, CMFonseca has developed operations in the most diverse areas - textiles, cutlery, metal, cork, ....

Consistency, professionalism, quality, ethics, are some of the ingredients that have made it possible to remain in the market and create collaborative relationships; some of them have been around for over 20 years.

In conclusion, we create bridges of communication. And we are glad to serve your business.

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Our Mission


To take "Made in Portugal" qualitatively further and be recognized as a company of excellence in the representation, agency and mediation of its customers. In the development of ideas and products and their implementation.

Our Vision

We intend to be the main offer in Portugal for the representation, import and export of "Made in Portugal" goods and services. We aim to be the facilitators, mediators, explorers of solutions.
To this end, our strategy is based on the pillars of internationalization, innovation and adaptation of processes, products and management to the specific needs of our customers.

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